The Foundational Interdisciplinary Sequences program and its benefits

Opportunities are what truly define one’s college experience. From joining clubs to studying abroad, Grand Valley State University students are presented with a plethora of opportunities to act upon. Students enrolled in the Frederik Meijer Honors College specifically are presented with an opportunity unavailable to any other students on campus. This opportunity is the Foundational Interdisciplinary Sequences program. Through this program, GVSU Honors college students are given the opportunity to take a year-long course covering a specific topic in extensive detail. Upon completion of this program, students are then allowed to use those credits and count them towards a majority of their General Education credits.

This course is usually taken during a student’s freshman or sophomore year at Grand Valley and can count towards up to seven of the required General Education credits. This includes up to one Issues course (two are required) and one Supplemental Writing Skills course (two are required).

The subject matter of the courses varies from American Civilization to the History of Science, all the way to Food for Thought, a course designed to examine food, from pre-cultivation all the way to its disposal.

The  Foundational Interdisciplinary Sequences program allows students in the Frederik Meijer Honors College the opportunity to utilize this year-long program and knock out a majority of their General Education credits. This is an advantage the rest of the student population is not afforded. Many students spend up to their senior year at GVSU enrolling in courses to fulfill their General Education Requirements. Through the Foundational Interdisciplinary Sequences program, GVSU Honors students are granted more time to explore courses within their major as well as other electives which may interest them.

GVSU Junior and Honors student, Sarah Bertus, had this to say about her experience: “[Foundational Interdisciplinary] Sequences has given me a lot of freedom in the classes I have taken since freshman year. Through fulfilling my credits strategically, my schedule was very open for me to dive into classes for my major. I liked this because it gave me the ability to confirm that my major was what I wanted to pursue. I know a lot of students take the basic General Education classes and don’t fully figure out what they want to study until their junior year.” Bertus was enrolled in the American Civilization Sequence. She is currently an Allied Health Sciences major pursuing a career as a physician’s assistant.

Find out more about the Foundational Interdisciplinary Sequences program here.


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